The Great Idaho Potato Marathon, Part 1

Okay, the subtitle of this post (unofficial of course) is "Or, a bunch of stuff that we took pictures of before we went to Boise for this event." Or something like that. Either way, there are actually no pictures of the Idaho Potato Marathon in this post. There, now that we have that out of the way, we can proceed.

Trinity has a bike with no pedals. Kind of a cruel joke if you ask me, but it's supposed to help with balance, for when they start riding the real deal. My mom was the victim here, as Trinity wanted Teagan to hop on with here. There have probably been better ideas out there...

Speaking of better ideas, how about this? Teagan just want out of here.

On Mother's Day, Trinity helped Autumn make cookies to take to a couple of other mothers. 

Wearing the pretty dress was not the best plan...

Trinity dropped a few things while she was stirring. Fortunately she is very conscientious and very nicely put everything back where it belongs. Hygienic? Not so much.

But thanks to her excellent stirring, no one will ever know!

Ha! We have both of them in jail. Trinity is a terrific big sister. Along with that, she also wants to be a baby sometimes. You got it, kiddo!

Teagan out in the sunshine. It's not a very happy face. But if you keep reading, you'll know why!

If you had this much stuff oozing out of your face, would you be happy and smiling?

And finally, we come to the end of our photo extravaganza! Autumn suddenly noticed that Trinity had gone quiet. Here why! She was googling "zzzzhhuyadddddddddd"!


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