A couple of funny things...

I think that it's been a few days again since I have updated this thing. Nothing event-driven here. Seems like we have been doing quite a bit, so this is a good break from the routine. But it's not that much of a break from routine, since it's about my kids. I know, I know, you're shocked. Ha! But that's what you get here!

We've been toying around with potty training for quite a while now, and to her credit, Trinity is usually game for hopping up on the porcelain throne to try and take care of business. Not much success, which is just fine. She tries really hard, plus it's where she reads her Bible stories! Evidently it is also where she tries on new shoes...

It's getting a little more difficult to get Teagan to smile. Not hard, but harder. I think this is his approximation of a school portrait, if one could go to school at age <1.

A couple of weeks ago, Autumn bought Trinity a sleeping bag. It is orange and has a tail. Needless to say, she LOVED it. Then the other day, Autumn comes out and stops me while I am mowing the yard. She shows me a picture of Trinity while she is sleeping. It turns out that pillow cases make really great sleeping bags!

As if the sleeping bag was not enough, Trinity pulls this one the other night. She is laying propped up on her blankets (the picture does no justice to how high the blankets actually are) with her legs crossed. Funny, funny girl!


  1. so cute, love it!! ~Shelly

  2. Kids are amazing...if I slept like Trinity, I wouldn't be able to move in the morning! I love the photos!


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