Family Camp part long post!

Now where were we? Oh yeah, more pictures from family camp. Go here to get caught up.

Momma and baby boy, chillin' in the grass.

Lots of sliding pictures of Trinity and Ava, but you have to give the love to the headfirst slide!

Teagan and the ladies...

Teagan sure liked playin' with Kate!

Okay, a couple of things: Fun games in the sports center. Trinity likes to fly. Why do I look like I have a big ol' belly? Maybe 'cuz I do!

One game was a mural made from chalk...Ava is doing her part. Let's see what Trinity is up to....

NOT doing her part. To her credit, she is organizing the pieces of chalk. And getting chalk all over her pants.

Mom to teh recue. Moments like this make me appreciate my mom and all the yuck that she cleaned from my clothes.

Last was the obstacle course in the skate park. Trinity really liked sliding down the ramps.

This one was about 8 feet high, with at least a foot of vertical. Let's just say that Trinity sat on my lap!

Snot bubble.

Chillin' like a villian. Teagan won't be left behind for long!

Trinity had a grand time collecting pine cones in her bucket. She is definitely our little collector. Now, if she would just stop collecting stuff from her little brother...

My favorite photo of the trip. She looks like one of the Incredibles or something. This is her new-to-her open-water swimsuit. It has floaties built in, making her look like a super hero. The pool closed before we could get there, but she sure loved her new suit!

Best running picture ever. Joy.

More Joy, in the form of Oreo ice cream pie. Hard to beat!

Can't remember why, it looks like Teagan is rallying his people.

Trinity's latest attempt at photography. Her new technique is to just press teh shutter button repeatedly. There were about 6 of this exact photo. Love digital. Love it!

More Trinity. Self portrait.

At the end, we had all (mostly) survived. The Kelleys...

...and the Harrells!

G'nite Gracie!


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