10 Months, Fathers and Funny Pictures

Our little boy turned 10 months old last week. I can't believe it. Yes I can, because he's crawling! There's a video to prove it, I'll have it up soon. I promise!

Mr. Serious here for the pictures. Reminds me of a teenager. Okay, reminds me of me as a teenager. Sullen.

$5 yard sale fun. Trampoline from the 80's. The best thing about this is that we played Bocce ball later on that evening and we used the trampoline for bonus points!

Teagan's making a break for it. It's a whole new world for the little guy, now that he's getting mobile. I gues that means a whole new world for us too. Child proofing, here we come!

I suppose a good subtitle for this post is "the many bad pictures of Teagan". This one was just too funny to pass up!

So there were these steaks that I was going to grill up and throw in the fridge for lunches. So I started cooking them on the grill last night and then watered the flowers. Then I went to bed. The above photos show what happens when you cook about 5 lbs of steak on low, overnight. Oh yeah, we're out of propane now too. Ha!


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