Trinity's First Camping Trip!

Trinity and I went down to Hell's Canyon for a short camping trip with our neighbors. Autumn was on call, so she and Teagan had some quality time together. Trinity went down on Friday morning and I joined in on the fun after I left work. It's a little interesting because, unless you want to camp on the hillside, you have to set up your tent on the asphalt. But that's okay, since it's camping!

Not more than a few minutes after I arrived, Trinity has fallen on the asphalt and closed her fingers in the trailer door. Poor kiddo! I think her mom won't let me do this alone again...

Ernie and Ivy came with us and Ivy always had a big spread of food laid out for us! I think Trinity's favorite part was sitting with the big people!

After Dinner, it was time for a boat ride. Oops, is she licensed to drive that thing?

Ernie sitting in the back, enjoying the show...

Kal needed to ski before bed so that is what we did. I jumped in the river but refrained from swallowing lots of water skiing, since I am so terribly awful at it.

Then it was time for bed. Trinity had her new sleeping bag and it was her first time in the tent! I had brought an extra sleeping bag to go over hers in case it was too cold. It never did get that cold and our small tent stayed plenty warm. Trinity never did stay in the bag though, she ended up in between the extra one and hers. Silly girl!

After a 5 am (mountain time) wake up, Trinity thought she should wake Ava up. Ava doesn't really wake up that fast. Both of our kids are morning types that wake up ready to go like their mom. Me? Not so much.

Then it was time to wake the rest of them up...

AND get some hot cocoa! She wore as much as she drank, but that's what camping is all about!

We were camped right in front of a dock, which was very nice. Trinity really like to go out on the dock. She and I had more than a few talks about "walking, not running". I'll bet you know how effective those talks were for a two year old.

Lazing the morning away, waiting for it to warm up a little.

Then it was off to see the dam. What trip to Hell's Canyon is complete without a trip to Hell's Canyon Dam? Here's Kal and Jen, photogenic as usual. Too bad the hat wasn't more photogenic...ha!

We tied the boat up to some rocks and walked to the dam. Here's Trinity's Johnny Cash impression. You know, walking the line...

But we all stopped short when we saw this little ol' bull snake! Yikes! I forget how many snakes there are down there...

Hiking carefully...

Trinity pointed and said, "Bubbles!"
"Bubbles?" I asked.
"TWO bubbles!" She replied.
Kids say the funniest things!

What a view!

Then it was time to go back. Lunch and naps were waiting...

Also, one of the best group photos ever. Great job guys!

Trinity was in for one final treat. A few miles out of Oxbow, a car flashed me with his headlights. I thought he might have been warning me about a law enforcement vehicle. I was wrong. Cows. Lots of cows. So there you go, we do live in Eastern Oregon after all! About ten minutes later we edged by the herd, with Trinity yelling, "MOOO, MOOO!" That's a great way to end a fun little camping trip. It was good daddy daughter time.


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