We went to Washington this last weekend with the kids to my mom's house in Leavenworth. The weather was great, it was a nice weekend for relaxing and...wrestling? We featured Trinity in quite a few wrestling updates, but Teagan has been holding out. He says that he's not very good, but it's getting harder and harder to believe the little guy. Okay, not so little. Last week he weighed in at 20lbs 14oz and 29 inches tall long. He's not standing yet, so he is not measured in "height" yet. But big little, long or tall, we were treated to a little Swarrell wrestling this weekend. Trinity just loves it when Teagan mauls her, so we let him! Enjoy the pictures!

Round 1 was just a little sparring. I think that Trinity has been underestimating her little brother for a while now. Either way, she loves to wrestle him!
I would say that he loves to wrestle her too, but in reality he just wants to show her who's boss...

Who's the little brother now? Say, "Uncle!"

The little guy in the diaper isn't afraid to use the elbows. What I don't get is why Trinity is still smiling...

Ouch, I can't believe he went there! What a cheap shot, since he has no hair to pull...

At last we have agony! Okay, this looks worse than it is, since Trinity was actually laughing the whole time. I would lift Teagan off and she would immediately say, "Mo!" These two are going to be a sight to see as they grow up together! Stay tuned for more action!


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