Circus Circus!

The circus came to town this last week and Trinity got to go! I think that as I grow older I think about the circus less and less. It seems like they aren't around much anymore and the appeal simply isn't there for me. But the lens of a child is a great way to see the world and kids love the circus! Autumn went with Trinity while Teagan and I stayed home and played a little catch. Okay, maybe it was more like "roll" than "catch", but it was a nice time nonetheless. Autumn sent me a bunch of pictures of Trinity so that I didn't miss too much. Trinity doesn't sit still that much, but she was loving the circus! Turns out she wants to be a trapeze artist.

Focused on the action...

Must have been a scary part...

I don't know that I have seen her so focused on anything before!

Popcorn is always a good treat!

She then pointed to the trapeze artist and said, "me, me!"

I think ALL the kiddos had a ton of fun at the circus. It's a good reminder to me to not always be so jaded about entertainment.

Yeah, not the best shot, but it's pretty cool that something like this comes to Baker!

Meanwhile, Teagan and I went on a little walk around the neighborhood. We stopped and said hello to a few of our friends in the area, but then had to run to escape the rain that swept in!


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