Mid Week Luv

Sometimes there's events and sometimes it's just Tuesday evening. Here are a few photos from the weekend. It was sort of an event weekend, but we don't have any pictures to prove it. Miner's Jubilee weekend here in Baker is always a big event, with a rodeo and everything! Meanwhile, our little doggies are growing like weeds! Take a look:

Playing in the back yard. On the slide. Because you couldn't tell that from the picture...

Trinity was pretty good about wearing her sun glasses (goggles?), but she preferred them on her head like mom and dad.

I told you he was crawling! He actually likes to bear-walk on his hands and feet. What a nut!

Yup, pulls himself up on EVERYTHING now. Even rocking chairs. Yikes!

This happens too. Although, he falls softer than Trinity. I think that he is more coordinated than Trinity was when she started crawling. We don't have to worry about him bumping his head as much.

Teagan and Grandma!

Teagan and granddad!

That's about it for now, we have more to come. I have to organize our videos and when I do that there will be plenty of movies that get posted. Hold on to your bandwidth! Bye for now, but not for long...


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