Easter Installment #1

This is pretty delinquent. When was Easter again? It was quite a while ago. But I'm still going to put up the pictures. I don't want pictures of our family to get lost in the big bucket that is my hard drive. The problem is that the writing won't be quite what I would want it to be. It should be something meaningful. But I don't have this vivid recall of the weekend. I remember that it was really nice and the kids hunted quite a few eggs. Because, well, that's what Easter is about...right? Maybe I read that wrong.

Kcia has a great egg hunt that she puts on the day before Easter. It's a mid-morning potluck, so the kids can still get home for a nap...if they're not too jacked up on Milk Duds and Jelly Beans!

Trinity was all business, but Teagan took a little warming up. Once he was started though, it was hard to stop him!

Lisa and Max. The boy is happy outside!

Soccer ball Easter egg? I don't remember those!

Mama and little boy. Baby no more!

"Here Teagan, I'll care yours..."

More Max...


Teagan thought he would share an egg with Max...


Let's try again...

Oh boy, he's gonna need therapy...

Nope, he's still trying! Nobody ever said Teagan wasn't stubborn. Wait, was that a double negative?

Jason and Olivia

Just had to get a close up of the shades. What a cool cat!

After eggs, it was off to eat. And drink. You would have thought that Teagan had never had juice before.




Whoa! Me Fall!

Okay, she didn't actually fall. Well, she did. But she did it on purpose so that she could roll. A stunt woman in the making!


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