Final Stop (Seattle Part III)

After we left Seattle, we traveled east of the mountains to Leavenworth, Washington, home of cute Bavarian buildings and three Christmas Tree lightings per year. You could say that they have a lot of tourism, but that would be an understatement. Needless to say, my mom was pretty excited to have us there. Well, she was thrilled that Trinity was there and was glad to see us too!

Mom doesn't have a tub, so the utility sink will just have to do. Judging by the look on Trinity's face, the sink was a good place to take a bath.

One thing Trinity started learning was how to go down the stairs. Up until now, she was mostly interested in climbing them. Ever since then, she wants to constantly go up and down stairs! Here she is demonstrating the backwards technique.

GREAT shot of Trinity and her grandparents!

Did I say she like stairs? Here she is demonstrating the "scooch" method that is still feet first, but facing forward.

And here is your random cuteness of the day!


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