Home-style Weekend

I was in Boise last week for some training on Thursday and came home just in time to catch a stomach virus of some sort. But that didn't stop us from having some fun this weekend. We walked over to the park with Trinity and let her swing and go down the slide. She still isn't quite sure about the swing, but LOVES the slide. Check it out:

Here she is hanging with the other kids on the jungle gym.

This is Trinity-style; head first! The nice thing about the plastic slides is that the plastic stops her at the bottom before she can launch off the end onto her face. That's a good thing.

She also was on this frog-toad-snail thing that rocks on a spring. Fun? You betcha!

Then it was on to sticks, and when she wasn't collecting them...

...she was dancing with them. When she wasn't dancing with them...

She was singing about them. And when she wasn't singing about them, you guessed it...

...she was eating them! Is it normal for her to still put EVERYTHING in her mouth still?

BONUS: Here is what a meal can look like if we're not quick enough to enforce the "plate stays on the table" rule. Pretty good stuff, we just try not to let her see us laugh. She's licking the plate, just like my Opa taught us to do. Her mom does it with ice cream too, so it's genetic. It's not her fault.


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