Happy Easter!

Okay, so it was last weekend, but we've been out of town. There should be quite a few updates coming this week because we visited a TON of family up in Seattle. Until then, here's a little bit for those that want an update...

We meant to leave Friday, but a stinkin' storm came in and shut the freeway down just as we were leaving. So we stayed home one more night and left Saturday instead of Friday. Meanwhile, we took Trinity to her first Easter egg hunt at the park Saturday morning before we left. We thought that if we left a little later, the roads would be clear. We were right about the roads, here's some pictures of the Easter carnage:

They had sections roped off by age group, no parents allowed inside the rope. Fine by me, but Trinity was having none of it. The siren went off and Trinity ran like an escaped convict. She ran away from all the goods! We had to chase her down and get her back into the area where all the eggs and treats were.

Once we had her back in the right area, she decided that snow was much more interesting than cheap plastic toys. She has plenty of the latter at home, but SNOW! Now that's something new! It tastes good too!

Occasionally we would get her interested in some of the goodies that had been laid out, but we weren't too worried about her lack of interest, since she's only one years old. The desire for stuff will come be coming soon enough.

I think that Trinity is a very good baby, but let's be honest, I am really biased here. But even this little snow angel has her limits. I think her hands were numb from eating snow, so it was time to go. My hand are numb from typing, so it's time for me to go too. G'nite!


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