Friends and Family (Seattle Part I)

After our little delay (see previous post), we headed off on our adventure to see my family. Along the way, we stopped to see a friend of Autumn's from college. We hadn't seen her in about five years, so it was good to catch up and also to introduce them to Trinity. We were able to hang out with them, catch up a little and overall it was a really good visit. Hopefully it won't be another five years before we see them!

Nikey was 5 years old when we last saw her, she's grown up so much and was really great with Trinity!

After breakfast in Olympia, we headed up to Seattle, where we went to Easter Service with my sister and brother-in-law. They attend Grace Seattle, a church community in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. It was a cool service, much different than Autumn and I are used to, and we went to brunch after church at a local cafe. The food was really good and the company was even better. I used the timer on the camera and managed to get a decent shot of all of us, except for my daughter who, like any good Harrell, is looking for food:

Say Cheese!

After brunch we went by and saw my sister's new house that they bought but have not moved into yet. It is a cute little bungalow that is much nearer to their church and friends. Then it was off to see my maternal grandmother (Nana), who recently moved. Her new place is pretty small, so we met in the lobby so Trinity had plenty of room to run. Trinity greeted her great-grandma by sticking out her tongue...she can get away with it because she's young.

Trinity and I then proceeded to have some fun by taking a joyride on Nana's walker. It's got wheels and brakes and a seat to sit on! It was great fun!

Here's probably the best shot of the three of us that I have ever seen. I can't say the same for Trinity, who seems a little preoccupied with Nana's hair. Can't take that kid anywhere.


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