Plumpkin Post

Okay, so the crux of this post has to do with our trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. But before I get there, I had to use my new name for Teagan, which is in the title of this post. Okay, it's not like I am using this name regularly. I am really just proud of myself for thinking of it. So there you have it, it's just me tooting my own horn. But it's just a little toot. Let's move on before I get into the fart jokes.

So Teagan keeps begging me to post these picture of him. Yes, he wants this one posted for the ladies...
Back off ladies, he's only 8 weeks old!

So, if there was ever trouble, these three are it. But at least they're cute. This is by far the most organized the three of them were all day. But it was a great time at the pumpkin patch over in Fruitland, at Purdum's Fruit Stand. They had tractors hauling people out all day long so that they could choose they're own pumpkin.

I do believe that Ava is running this show. I think that Alex knows the score. Trinity just wants off this crazy train!

Mr. Excitement

Corn is corn, right?

Uh yeah, more excitement...

I guess we know where Alex gets his craziness!

Cute couple!

Okay. Why do I do this? What a dumb picture of me.

Out in the pumpkin patch, Trinity found some room to run!

Ava with her pumpkin...

I guess we know where she got it!

Pig pen. So much for the new shirt...this is after she was eating dirt...

I guess this is the end...ha!

Teagan is already a football fan. This should make his uncle so happy!


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