I'm lovin' it!

So last night we had a first. We had McDonald's for dinner. Okay, before we had children, we had McDonald's for dinner, but this is the first time that we have had it as a family with children. We had a football game to go to and not a ton of time. Hmmm. Not going to make a habit out this...

But regardless of how we feel about fast food for dinner, Trinity sure liked her cheeseburger and fries! She was sucking the ketchup off of the fries before she would eat them and she held her burger really well. She even took small bites and swallowed between them! What a big girl! Here's a couple of snaps of the big event:

Contemplating cheeseburger goodness!

Yes, a bit of a glazed look. I get that same look when I eat McDonald's fries!


Big girl bites...

Oh yeah, Teagan wanted me to post this one for all the ladies...


  1. future bodybuilder! Love it! He's getting so big. And Trinity is getting more gorgeous by the minute. Be ready, Big Poppa. :D

  2. Thanks Jen, we're having a ton of fun with these two!


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