This was supposed to be a quick post

But it turns out that we took lots of photos this weekend. I tried to find the old photo of Trinity when she was first in this bucket, but I couldn't. I think it was in May or something but I can't find the photo. Oh well, I'll try and find it when I have more time. For now, here's Trinity in a bucket:

The whole point of this photo was to compare it to the old one. I have to find that photo or I'll forget about it...

Here's Trinity being 'gentle' with her little brother. Yeah, keep that in mind.

How DO I get these dumb looks to show up in photos? Pure talent.

Fortunately, I am not alone...sorry Beth!

We went to an old-fashioned cider-pressing party that some friends of ours put on every year out in Haines. Here's Beth showing us how it's done!

The Pointer girls dote on Trinity a little, and by a little, I mean a lot. Meanwhile, they were helping load apples into the buckets.

Then it was time to load the apples into the press...

Although not all the apples made it into the press in one piece. Call it that 'secret ingredient'!

But the day wasn't only about apples. There were also fresh donuts out of the fryer...yum! Trinity agrees with me wholeheartedly. 

Yeah, we all had puts another goofy look on my face, but oh well.

Evidently the effect is universal. They were good donuts!

This was right after Autumn had Trinity eating out of her hand...literally. Trinity was licking donut crumbs off of Autumn's hand. That girls likes her food!

Making friends wherever she goes!

This is Spencer, who just turned 8 not too long ago. Evidently he was under the influence of the donuts too...nice pose!

As if being cute wasn't enough, Trinity took it upon herself to display her running prowess. She rubs in her victory with a grin that is bound to catch a few gnats. Boy they have been bad this year...the gnats, not her smiles.

Remember Trinity being gentle with Teagan earlier this post? Well, it was all a trick to lure us into believing that she was harmless. This is Teagan's first war wound from his sister. It came when Trinity came up behind Autumn while she was holding Teagan on the floor. Trinity had a book that she brought right down onto poor little Teagan's head. First blood, but it won't be the last. So it goes.

Ack, look at the time...I have a baby to feed! G'nite!


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