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Wrestling has been a family tradition since, well, Trinity was born. So you could say that it runs deep in the Swarrell blood to want to throw down every once in a while. In keeping with this long tradition, Teagan has taken up the mantle and thrown his hat in the ring. Did I miss any metaphors? Let's get ready to rumble!

Teagan starts the match off okay, considering his formidable opponent. Who in their right mind want to wrestle a tiger?

He had the upper hand most of the time, that is, until he looked over for some coaching advice. We have told him over and over again, NEVER TAKE YOUR EYE OFF OF YOUR OPPONENT!

In this case, it caused him to lose his balance and fall off. I guess there's always next time!

Last weekend we were in Randle, Washington. Yes it's on the map. Barely. I was the best man in a wedding there for my friend Steve. He and I have been friends since the 7th grade, which was about 25 years ago or so. Surprisingly, there were two coffee shops in the one-horse town that we stayed in. It was called Packwood and it was about 15 miles from Randle. Here's Autumn and Trinity in front of one of the coffee shops. Cute girls!

So I got all gussied up, with a tie and everything and we even took a few snaps of the family while we were at it. I wish Teagan would pay attention. I mean, seriously.

It was a GREAT ceremony, I am super-duper happy for the bride and groom.Steve and Lisa seem very well matched and make a cute couple. By the way, that is likely the first time in 25 years that I have ever used "Steve" and "cute" in the same sentence. Sorry Steve.

Leave it to Trinity to find a pumpkin at a wedding.

A few of the flower girls put on an impromptu concert after the wedding...

...which inspired Trinity to dance. Too bad she inherited mine and Autumn's dancing skills.

This blog has evolved to the point where most of my posts are event-driven. This and the following pictures are not event-driven. They are just cute.

Autumn managed to capture the little guy smiling. He's growing up so fast!

Here's a shot of Teagan's forehead. While the picture is actually a misfire, it shows that Teagan and I have roughly the same hairline. He has better skin though.

Yeah, it's a hard-knock life for sure. Sleep while you can, little one.

Yeah, he's cute. Guess what? He looks like his sister:

And that folks, is a wrap!


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