Whoops! And I Went For A Run...

Whoops is because this first set of pictures is from May. Dad and Sue came for a visit, and this is what ensued...

Sue and Trinity on the swings

I have no idea where my goofiness came from.

I get sick of choosing the best photos. So, here's the worst group shot of the bunch. So there! Mind you,  I am the one who took the photo. You might think you're laughing at the photo, but you're really laughing at the photo that I took. Now who's laughing? Not me, I'm crying...on the inside. But just a little, more of a manly tear running down one cheek.

My new favorite photo of Sue!

Dad played the old man card and walked...haha!

Here's me showing off.

And here's Teagan right before I took a bad turn and dumped him off the sled. Nice job daddy!

Somewhere in there, and I can't remember when it was, I ran a 5k here in Baker, up at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. It's the most interesting 5k in town because it's not run around downtown. It's held on National Trail Day and it's run on, you guessed it, trails. Well, sort of. Paths really, but who's counting?

Autumn did not run, but took the kids and cheered me on. Here's the start of the race...

Where's Daddy?

Then they braved blowing rain.

Finally I made it up the hill!

Trinity SCREAMED with encouragement!

Teagan was so excited that he dropped his goat bell...

And I was a sloppy, tired mess. Whew, I get tired just writing about it!


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