Stuff We've Been Doing

I'll bet you've been wondering what we've been up to. Me too. To remind myself, I went through hundreds of photos. No, that's not an exaggeration. Nicely, I have have pared it down to less than that, for your benefit. Ain't I nice? Ha! The funny thing is that I am not even through them all yet. I'm close though, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. All you have to see is a bunch of pictures. Enjoy!

Potty training has been celebrated. The number is sort of ironic, because it's #2 that we're celebrating. And no, I'm not explaining more than that. As my friend Kyle once said, "if you don't understand, then I'm not explaining it!"

The girl is just good at sharing. Not bad for a three year old!

We fielded grounders at the YMCA

We watched toddler t-ball at the YMCA

We discovered that Teagan could pass for a high school coach, or a drill instructor.

Ava can hit!

Run Connor, run!

We figured out new ways to use old toys

Yes, I can fly!

We all figured out that Teagan really likes babies

But don't let the fact that he has a soft spot for babies make distract you from the fact that he is still a little boy with less fear than is healthy.

Trinity can make her own pizza!

Sometimes a hug...

...becomes a headlock!

I don't call them monkeys because I am mean.

We should all wear them so well!

Alas, the helmet police (that's me) let this one slide...

Metal beavers are heavier than they look!

I would scream too if Teagan was driving me!

If a slice of cheese is good, then a 20lb block of cheese is HEAVEN!

Who gave him the keys?!?!?


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