Overdue: Patch it up!

Like a lot of things, I have been slack in keeping up with photos. It's either that, or I have already done this post 13 times and am now at the point where I forget almost everything valuable withing 5 minutes of learning it. Well, I guess it could be like that movie "Groundhog Day". But there's really no way to prove it, and if I did then no one would believe me because it's only happening to me. Whew, I am glad we figured that out! Wait, what were we talking about? Ha! On with the show!

With all the running that happened in October, I forgot we went to the pumpkin patch! Okay, I didn't forget. I did, however, forget to tell you about it.

Appropriate colors for Boise in the fall...

Two out of three ain't bad!

A little pumpkin chaos

These two, running things? Scary, very scary.


Someone's first pumpkin patch!

Teagan surprises Autumn with a quick toss of the pumpkin. Better than being caught unawares when someone tosses their cookies, right?

Kids burning off the last of the energy!

This about sums the trip up. Okay, not really. All the rest of the pictures do it better. But this one is pretty funny...and awful.


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