First Scoop...and a monkey!

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks for us, which makes our lives about the same as yours. We have, however, been able to get out and do some fun things. This weekend, one of the highlights was walking into town to get Trinity her first ice cream cone. Her uncle Rick gave her money on her birthday for this, so we're finally getting to it. It was the perfect day for it!

As everyone knows, you have to approach an ice cream cone very carefully. You have to study its patterns, learn where it hunts. Only then can you move in for the kill...

Or you can just grab it and bite it!

It was really amazing how well our little girl did with her first cone. She took good bites and even wanted to share. After the first few bites she wouldn't take any more until Autumn and I had take bites ourselves. Very generous if you ask me. I think she gets it from her mother...

There really wasn't even very much mess. Mostly around the mouth area. We had prepared for the worst, even to the point of bringing a smock (thanks Sue!) instead of a bib so that she wouldn't ruin yet another shirt.

Here's a short video of Trinity telling us how good her ice cream cone is!

And, as promised, here's the monkey. We were at the Portland Zoo and this is one of the first places we went. This guy was sitting here against the glass, but he was about 7 feet in the air. So I hoisted Trinity up so that she could get a better view. I think I might have hoisted to quickly, because the monkey jumped back as Trinity popped into view!


  1. Aaron, I do love your posts - always touching in a way; always informative - and always worth the read. I want to move in with you guys and just take up a small space in the corner! I'd even cook and clean... just kidding (but I would). Miss our chats - hope thangs are well

  2. Hey Paul, thanks for the note, miss our chats as well. Also, my wife is super happy about the plants going to a good home...



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