Atlanta Part Deux

Okay, so I hope someone shows this to my Oma. She's from Munich (actually, Munchen) and she would very much appreciate this little snack vendor...enough said.

Actually, this cart was in the Atlanta Underground, which was a little shopping/hang out area where you can see a little piece of Atlanta history. As it's told, this place was the original train stop, but it became so congested that they started building viaducts over the train tracks. Eventually the viaducts became the main level and the train level was mostly trains and warehouses. Now you know.

Autumn has been a Braves fan since she was a kid. I guess they could only really watch the Braves because the only baseball they could get was know, Ted Turner land: Atlanta. So there you go.

Dale Murphy's number, retired here at Turner Field. I think Autumn had a crush on him as a kid. I saw pictures of him and can't figure out why. Oh yeah, he's a professional athlete.

You just can't go to Turner Field and not do the Tomahawk Chop! Not the most politically correct, but fun!

A bit of Atlanta history: Dr. Martin Luther King's birthplace.

This was a 13,000 square foot mansion that was part of the Atlanta History Center. It was all stone and very cool to tour. We couldn't take photos inside though, so this is as close as you get.

Boy were these guys a sight for sore eyes! Thanks for taking care of our girl!


  1. Looks like an awesome trip. I've been there in Atlanta, great place. Love you guys, from Roger Scovil


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