The new normal?

As of late my posts have been almost epic in scale. I can't figure out if it is because we're taking more pictures or because I am waiting too long in between posts. Another thing I have noticed is that, more and more, my posts are just pictures with captions. Once upon a time I had things to say, now I just tell you about my pictures. Ah well, so it goes.

Here's Trinity, demonstrating once again who is boss. Sorry granddad!

This is a really nice picture of Lorna and Teagan. My only issue is that Teagan's head looks like it has been photo-shopped onto the body of another baby. It's really him, honest!

Grandma Lorna and our kids. Sometimes it doesn't seem real that Autumn and I have two kids. Then I remember that I haven't slept past seven in about two years. That makes it a little more real...

My dad and Sue came over last weekend for a little visit on Grandparents' day. We hung out in the back yard and played with the kids. It was a great afternoon. This is a terrific photo. Everyone who could smile, did.

I think I posted a pic like this from my phone. This is a little better quality, plus Teagan's a stud. Why wouldn't I put another photo on here?

Cute bath picture with strategically located foot. No embarrassing baby bits showing.

How did a son of mine, of largely Swedish and German descent ever get so tan?

This is a common sight these days, Autumn and Teagan in the feeding chair.


This morning we went up Anthony Lakes Highway and took a little hike. If you're wondering, Trinity is kissing the camera, not sucking on a sourpatch kid!

Okay, I'm not sure what the hand is all about, but it looks dorky. Why do I keep putting dumb photos of my on here?

That's better. Trinity and I at Van Patten Lake. Beautiful day for a hike!

Trinity drinking from her very own spill-resistant water bottle. Not very eco-friendly, BUT how often is water a treat to a kid? Score a victory for mom!

Sweaty. It turns out I don't hike that much. It also turns out that my hairline is still receding.

My wife and son. Sweet!

Here are the most important people in my life! Great picture guys!


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