Lots and Lots

A couple of weeks ago we went to Denver for a wedding. Autumn and Angela worked together and ran together for quite some time. Then Angela up and moved to Denver to work as a flight attendant. the airline industry's gain is Baker City's loss for sure. It also appears that this young man is about to gain as well! Congratulations John and Angela!

Ah, lovebirds!

Now here's a couple of good-looking gals!

This last weekend we had Ava staying with us for the weekend. She's about 2 months younger than Trinity and a whole lot of fun. I just can't believe they sat still for this photo!

Okay, maybe they didn't sit still for very long...I think Trinity wants most of the space in the picture!

Okay, this is really hard to tell, but Ava is dancing like a little maniac! She has great little moves which are so fun! Trinity has the "stand and bob up and down" moves mastered, but it's no Ava dance.

We took the limo and the compact car...

Bookstore mayhem, it's great that there is such great children's section. Trinity is holding the apple. You know the apple, it's the one with the bell in it.

And Teagan is, well, you know

We took the girls out to Keating to feed the chickens and pet the horses...thanks Rebecca! Trinity was very interested in the animals. I think that she's fearless...or foolish. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Loves the horse...

This is about as close as Ava wanted to get...

On the other hand, Trinity wanted to get into the pasture and live with the horses!

...Ava was contented to watch for now. We'll go out again and she'll probably love all the animals. I think that it was just a little intimidating at first.

Trinity even tried herding the chickens. Her shoes needed a little cleaning after this trip!

Here's Autumn and Teagan just hanging out. He does that a lot. It's nice to have one cuddler at least!


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