Happy Birthday!

Today is Teagan's one month birthday. Yes, we're back to measuring things in very small increments. Annual birthdays are still at least one year away...ha! Teagan has been a real joy for us as parents and a great addition to our family. He is about as cute as a button and he has also proven that Trinity was not the easiest baby on the block. Autumn and I were worried that any baby who followed Trinity would have a tough time because she was such a good baby, but Teagan has shown is the err of our ways.

Is that gas or a giggle?

That's a happy little boy, happy on momma's shoulder!

Seriously, it has been so great watching this little kiddo grow up. He has gained at least a pound a week since he was born. Between last Friday and Monday he gained half a pound. Now that's some eating! At that rate, I would have to gain 15 pounds in three days to equal his growth rate. That's m'boy! I've said it before and I'll say it again: if they eat and sleep like me, I am a blessed man! Also, I mentioned it in passing, but Autumn have been married for five years last Friday. I could not have asked or imagined a better partner for this life I have been given. Thanks babe!


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