Buh, Buh, Poop!

So, I am sort of thinking that the title of this blog will get more people reading it than normal. I mean, it's hard to not read something if there is poop involved. Okay, maybe that's just me. Really it's more about gas than anything. Makes you want to keep reading, doesn't it? Ha! I knew I had you hooked! Really it's about Trinity. It's usually about one of my kids, right? Spend any time around here and you know that's the truth. Trinity burped today. Then she tells Autumn and I that she "pooped". We looked at each other and asked her if she needed to poop. She's learning all that stuff right now, so it made sense. "No, me poop" she says. "Did you already poop?" we ask. Then we get it. She had just burped. "Did you burp?" we ask. "Yes."

Now we're getting somewhere. Trinity, the word is "burp". "Poop", she says. "No, buh, buh, burp". And then it comes, "Buh, buh, poop!"

Ha, everyone likes poop jokes!

This is about as good as we can get right now with the two of them. That'll work!

This also about as good as it gets with mom and two kids!

So how does this picture fit in? Seriously, what is that?

Miner's Jubilee weekend brought some fun in the sun for all of us. For Teagan, it was about the candy. Nice!

Trinity was in parade with her preschool, with her BFF Ava!

Looks like Teagan isn't the only one who likes candy!

The boy likes music, and he ain't too bad either! Love that he wants to try!

Drum Corp for 8 years now. Where did the time go?

So we close this post with a thought: grandchildren can get old folks to do all kinds of things, things they would never normally do. It starts to answer the question that Autumn and I asked (and still ask): we have kids so that our kids can make our parents do foolish things...ha!


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