Travelin' Thru

So we're going on a trip in September that may include Canada. (Eh?) That means we need a passport for the she-cub. It's good for five years. Can you imagine having this passport for Trinity at age five? It's ridiculous. She's going to be so different. But we need it so we went and sent off for it today. We had to expedite. Ouch ($$$). They needed a 2x2 headshot so I put the babe in her bumbo and snapped a few photos. Here's the winning shot:

And then, being the artist that I am, I chose an alternate that really showed who Trinity is. This is what she inherited from her mom and dad, poor soul. It's the goofy stuff. It's what makes me smile. Jeez I'm blessed. And you get to see it too. Enjoy!


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