200th Post! (Also known as a really long post!)

I can't even count that high...not enough fingers and toes. I also have an uncounted number of pictures of my unbelieveably cute daughter. Wanna see? If you're here then you either 1) want to see, or 2) don't have a choice and are now compelled to look at the cute photos that follow. Sucker. Just kidding. Sort of. Enjoy the (long) show!

I don't know if this is really a crawl, but she appears to be on all fours. Mostly though, it is a combat crawl where she scoots around on her belly. Some times she'll even use the rug to pull herself forward. Oh yeah, we're in trouble!

In contrast to the crawling, she also has the relaxation down too. Notice the slouch. Not too good on the spine, but she seems happy enough. Or content, take your pick.

I mentioned before how Trinity lacks the acumen to beat a stuffed giraffe at wrestling. Not very impressive. So what does it say about us as parents when that same girl makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get her dressed sometimes? Uh, no comment.

My girls in green!

Garden break: ripe tomatoes! I also had my first few blueberries a couple of days ago. Yum!

Great summer activities in the yard: reading and eating the books. Autumn is very good at reading to Trinity. Trinity is very good at eating the books.

I believe my friend Lindy would call these next few pictures "random cuteness". That works.


She likes to pick the grass. She is so good at sitting up. This morning Autumn went in to check on her in her crib and found that Trinity was sitting up and playing with her mobile over the bed. She was facing away from the door, so when I came in she turned to look at me and fell right over! Good stuff. I'll think that I will be lowering the crib mattress soon.


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