Scraps really isn't a fair word for these pictures, but they're phone pics, so they don't usually get mixed in. Plus, we had two cameras at my mom's for Christmas this year, so phone pics just seemed, well, superfluous. The problem is that to capture kids at there best, you have to be quick and sometimes the only camera you have is the one on your phone. Also, I happened to be cleaning photos off of my phone. So here we go:

The kid is a crack up, this is his smile for the camera.

Mommy and baby boy with the Leavenworth lights

Is Teagan wearing lipstick?

How's it going?

My mom makes Trinity foam on her espresso machine and they have "lattes" in the morning. It's one of Trinity's favorite things!

Confession: this is not from my phone. This is from when Trinity was in the hospital and was off the ventilator and waking up from the sedation. Sometimes it's good to think about all that she has been through. She's our miracle baby.

More Trinity at the hospital, playing around okay but she can't see yet and won't for another 5-6 weeks. I had heard that curiosity drives kids to explore, and that curiosity is very visual for babies. When Trinity was blind, she moved a lot, but not very far. She couldn't see, so she didn't have a reason to go anywhere.

Oop, back to reality! Our miracle girl pushing mommy in the stroller!

If she does this when she's 12, I'll be a happy dad!

What's she happy about?

Her new backpack from uncle Jason and Aunt Coleen!

Another birthday present: a swingset! One of these days it will be warm enough to enjoy!

For some reason, this made me chuckle.

30+ apples on a tree that is four feet tall. Awesome!

Usually we don't let them in the kitchen. If they're cleaning? We'll make an exception...

Boy likes his books...

Yup, still reading!

More goofy grinning!

Bath at grandma's!

Every sausage stand should have a selection of mustard like this!

Does it get any better? Nope.

Showing off her kicking skills during swim lessons!

Horseback riding with Jordan!

Thanks for putting up with the random post. Happy New Year!


  1. It is crazy to look back and remember when your family was in the middle of everything that Trinity went through. Thanks for the reminder. She is such a beautiful and full of life little child!

  2. It's good to remember. I read your post about it being three years since the passing of Quintin and Speedy and the video you made was very powerful and a good reminder of the love and loss that you have gone through. You and David and continue to inspire Autumn and I with your journey through life and parenting. I am glad to have your family in our life.



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