Skiing...part deux

I am not even sure that "deux" is a word. Maybe one of you smart folks out there can help a guy out. Also, since we're off on tangents, check this out:

Seriously? College aged males are most certainly the targeted demographic. Although, I might use this for next year's Halloween costume. But...seriously?

Here is Trinity up at Anthony Lakes, take two. This time with mommy. I still don't have the confidence to do this. I can barely get myself down the hill. And, oh yeah, I sound totally like a dad.

Here's another video, since the pictures that I took came out pretty poor:

This time Trinity has her own skiing photographer. Turns out her uncle Wade got there just in time to get a few snaps of her shussing down the slopes. Yeah, I made sure "shussing" is a word.

My girls. How did I get so lucky?

Trinity and Ava...future snow bunnies. That's my nightmare.

Snow angels...sort of

Never eat yellow snow. Some of the white stuff isn't so hot either.

Putting Kal in his place...

Yaw mule, Yaw! And yes, I have a baby strapped to me. I needed my Emerson fix.

Pretty funny to watch yourself eating...

Is there something in my teeth?

And to top it off, Trinty went over to Kate's house to make cookies:

It's hard to see, but the apron says "will cook for shoes, lots and lots of shoes". I hear it's appropriate for Trinity AND Kate!


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