Christmas 2011, Episode 3

I think we're about done for the year, honest. I can't tell you how many times I was asked how my Christmas was, only to answer that I didn't quite know yet, since we had part 3 happening over New Year's weekend. One of the issues from my childhood that continues to manifest itself is the resistance to too much travel during the holidays. With divorce parents, my sister and I usually visited three different places on Christmas day alone. Needless to say, that is something I have no desire to do.

The problem is that marriage has brought another wonderful branch to my own family tree. It's a good problem to have, since you can't really have too much family. But it makes logistics a problem when you start to talk about where to spend which holiday. My sister, now married almost 15 years, has 4 different options for places to go for Christmas, and I think that I have five. That means that if we don't coordinate, we'll see each other for Christmas about once every five years if we are lucky. Now, it probably sounds like I am complaining. That's because I am. But just a little. But like I said, too much family is a good problem to have. And this brings us to episode 3 of our Christmas.

It was held at Autumn's parents' house on New Year's Eve. It was a really nice time and the food was AWESOME! I do love a good Christmas ham. Not one of those spiral ones either, Lee had to slice off ham steaks one at a time. Love it!

Never met a kid who didn't like John!

Admittedly the photos could use some work. Probably because I was taking them. Anyhoo, this is a pretty typical scene, since the kids were going about a million miles an hour. Good stuff!

Feliz Navi-dog. Yup, a singing stuffed dog. A toddler's dream come true!

Our nephews are both football players, which means it's hard to know what size to get them!

Trinity has her own camera now. I am pretty excited to upload the photos to see what's all on there. It's a whopping .3 megapixel camera, so we'll see what that brings. Cheese!

More pleasant Christmas mayhem, oh yeah, and Teagan in his trap door pajamas!

Out of focus, but cute picture of Teagan and Amy.



  1. You are absolutely right, you can't have too much family and I am so thrilled that Lorna and I have found each other......It looks like that even thought the celebration was delayed you had a great holiday! Love and Peace to you all, Char Peterson


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