Chunky Butt and Chubby Cheeks...the One-Year Round Up!

It's been a while. Life goes fast, kids grow faster. Can you believe he's a year old? Me neither. There were a couple of parties for our little Teagan, who is not quite so little anymore. I have been thinking about what I would write when he turned a year and I have decided that it won't really matter what I write because it's not sufficient to use words to capture the Teagan experience. But I will try anyway because pictures without any words at all would be B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Oh yeah, these are the pictures that Autumn used for a little project at Teagan's party. One for each month and one at the beginning.

Chunky nothing, look at those scrawny little legs. The second time around was so much different. I think that Teagan was often overshadowed by his sister, ol' what's-er-name.

Yup, still scrawny at a month. The baby fat is starting to come in though...

There we go! Now the roundness starts. It's been fun to watch Teagan's personality come out. We always felt like Trinity had such a bright personality that we worried that Teagan would somehow not measure up. No worries there, he an hold his own in the character debate...


No, he doesn't currently have a neck.

Always with the mouth open. I know that he looks more like Autumn (I think) but he smiles like I did as a baby. Either that or he wants us to drop some food in...

It is a little bit harder to capture a smile for the camera. Trinity was always so easy. It's not that he doesn't smile, it's just that he doesn't do it for as long so you have to be quick with the shutter.

Mom always makes sure that little Teagy is stylish...


Clapping was the start, now he's doing all kinds of things!

He's talking now, a little. He says, "up", "ball" (complete with pointing), "dog" if he hears or sees a dog. and he mimics just about anything. He said, "outside" at the dinner table, right after Trinity did.

AND he's standing on his own. Almost walking. He's a heck of a climber. He goes up stairs like nobody's business. The other day he even went back down head-first with no help OR crashes. I think we're in trouble...

How can a kid that eats like this not be trouble?

Seriously, this is such a fun stage with Teagan. He is developing so fast, it's an amazing thing to watch him grow into the world around him. Fun stuff.



  1. Such a cutie!! Happy Birthday Teagan! A great day for a birthday, it's Brent's 48th today :-) What a beautiful family you have!


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