So Many Pictures, So Little Time

I think I missed an event a couple of weeks ago, but I just don't have room for it this time. It seems like I am putting more and more photos on these updates. Maybe it's to substitute for my lack of words. Of course, you're not here for the words, are you? I knew it! On with the show!

It's funny how things evolve. Trinity is in her toddler bed now, which is very nice. She is up about the same amount, but she is quiet instead of crying in her crib. This picture shows why she is so quiet. And yes, that's a St. Elizabeth newborn hat, for those of you in the know.

I don't realize how big he is until I see a picture like this. Infants don't cuddle like this when they are sleeping, Little boys do.

Yep, he's getting really big. He's getting almost as big as Autumn!

Sure looks like his sister.

I like to think of this as her chicken impression. I think that she was just making sure she didn't hit her head though...

We went to the Marlia Compound on Saturday to see the chickens and goats. No one was home except the animals, so we visited them instead.

Don't feed the animals...

No matter WHAT they tell you...

This picture is funny because Autumn told Trinity to touch the goat's horns. She started saying "Beep, beep, beep..." You know, like a car horn.

The Marlia Compound is great for photos...

Just looking cool...

Just looking cute...

Looking somber...

Yes, he does really have hair.

Trinity likes to fly!

One thing the speech therapist talks about is blowing to strengthen her lips for she is, doing her homework!

This last weekend was spent largely out in the back yard. I told Teagan that this was the only place he was allowed to wear his speedo...

A little mom and dad time in the pool...

Hey, enough of the parents. Back to cute pictures of the kids. Hey, they're at the Marlia's again. Once again, no one was there. I think they were just hiding behind the curtains, trying to avoid us.

That's okay, Trinity was just happy to feed the chickens.


  1. Just swinging by checking things out after your comment. Glad to see more extraordinary via the ordinary - I love that stuff. See you at Pikes?

  2. Won't be at Pike's Peak, actually I have never run further than 9 miles. Looking at some half marathons next year and maybe a longer run next fall. I run the local mountains, but mostly limited to lunchtime endeavors. My kids are young so I don't run after work and my wife runs in the morning. Someday I'll be able to get the longer runs in. Right now I am only at about 20 miles/week. Enjoy your tales, allows me to live vicariously through your adventures. I enjoy your openness about struggling to balance your running and family.



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