No better way to beat the heat than having a pool party! We invited a few friends, added a kiddie pool full of plastic balls, threw in a wacky sprinkler and VIOLA! It's a party!

Teagan showing his affection for the bouncy horsey thingee.

Max is not quite as enamored as Teagan was. He's still lookin' good though!

Why do girls always have to show off their ability to multitask. Seriously, I tried to eat a popsicle and ride that horse and I ended up pulling a muscle. Not sure which muscle, but I think it's a brand new one that I didn't know I had. Either way, Olivia makes it look easy.

Popsicles all around...I was wondering who ate all the grape ones!

Then there was mayhem. Little bodies, slippery slides, it was crazy!

Get out the way, Ava coming through!


Those girls couldn't move fast enough to get back on the slide. They were having a great time!

Synchronized Rody riding. I believe it will be in the next Winter Olympics. Really!

You see, this is how rumors start.

This was hilarious because Teagan wanted in on the sprinkler action. The problem was that once he got in there, he didn't know how to get back out. Poor little feller!

I think Max is saying it best. We all felt like doing this when it was all over. As a matter of fact, I think I'll  go do it now...


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