6 Month Check-up

I know that we had an update when Teagan turned 6 months, but this is the official doctor's visit. 18lbs, 6oz and 26 inches long. That's 75th and 35th percentile respectively (give or take...). Big boy!

Here's the big man on the comfortable exam table. I am continually impressed with how amiable little (big) Teagan is. Whatta guy!

Can't leave the girlie out of this one either. She likes to sit on our bed and dance to toddler tunes. Here she is clapping to some music, right in the middle of a pile of clean laundry. Need to teach her to fold the stuff before she jumps on the bed...

Fair warning: The following picture and video are sorta graffic. Funny too! This is what happens when you leave the kids with Aaron:

Trinity and Autumn were in Boise for therapy, but I had Alex and Ava for a couple of hours since the girls had Bunco and Bill and Kal had some stuff to do. Bill came over after a bit and while he and I were in the living room, here's what the dynamic duo did to Trinity's room...whoops!

And the antics continue:

This one will haunt him...


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