Two much fun!

Wow, sometimes I cheese myself out. Seriously, how bad can a blog title get? Well, let's move on like it never really happened...

Friday was Ava's second birthday and the party was Saturday morning. Jen wisely planned the party for about an hour and a half, because the wheels on the bus start to come off if you try to keep two year olds contained for much longer than that. So we packed the kids across the yard and had some great toddler fun! Did I mention the owl theme? You guessed it, it was a hoot!

Birthday girl...always the stylish one!

Trinity, always the eating one. It's comforting though, to know that she's not going to starve herself. I figure that kids that eat and sleep well are well equiped to survive. Have another seconds, Trinity!

Here's the birthday girl blowing out the candles. I believe that she might have had some help from five year old Isaac, who is always ready to rescue a damsel in distress!

Wait, it's Trinity. She's still eating! She sure likes those cupcakes!

I mean REALLY likes those cupcakes!

And with cupcakes like this, who can blame her? Wow, that's fancy!

Then it was on to presents, where the only picture you can really get is the backs of children. So there you go: picture #1 of the backs of all the kids that are gathered around the gifts...

Wait! Another picture of the backs of kids! But the party was a blast and all the kiddos had fun. Sure enough, the kids started to melt down a little after, you guessed it, an hour and a half. Good timing Jen! Ava's uncle Bo, who does not have kids, commented that he had wondered why the party was only scheduled for an hour and a half. Safe to say that his question was answered! Party on!


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