New milestones, grandparents and naked babies

I am just going to cut to the chase and let you know that Teagan rolled over yesterday! The only bad part is that my mom had just left earlier that day, so she missed it. But he was kind enough to do it again for the camera a couple of hours later, so here the big man, doin' what babies do:

Cute vid huh? Not to be outdone, Trinity had to show her stuff too. Check THIS out:

Okay, not exactly a military push up, but she's two years old!

Mom and Harry came down for the weekend and Trinity did what she always does: wraps people around her finger...

Happy naked smiley bath boy

She's going to turn 16 and I am going to wonder where all the time went. I already do. Love you kiddo!


  1. Love the pushups!! They look like mine! :)


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