Time Flies...

If you have kids, it goes fast whether you're having fun or not. Autumn and I talk often about how important it is to stay in the moment when it comes to parenting. There are bad habits and annoying things that the kids do that we can't wait to be over, but when those bad habits go, so do many good habits that we are going to miss. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few moments of Trinity:

 I have always heard about how having a younger sibling will cause kids to go back to toys and other things that they used when they were younger. It's true! It's true! Let's just say that this is NOT Trinity's bathtub anymore...

Cutie-patootie. She's so much fun right now. She can be a pickle because...drum roll please...she's two! It doesn't stop her from being stinkin' cute!

Talk about time flyin', this is Trinity at her first tumbling class. How'd we get here so fast?

 Trinity and Ava (green shirt, pink pants) are the youngest in the class, which is for 2-3 year-olds. There is a huge difference between someone who is 24 months and someone who is 42 months. So Trinity and Ava are often doing their own thing while the class moves on. But I figure that,even if she misses a turn at trying a somersault, learning to take turns and obey in a group setting are useful skills to have and are worth the price of admission.

 Hmm, jumping is an elusive skill. Trinity found stepping much better, and safer too!


 Soapy smile. Trinity loves to say cheese, but usually it's in reference to the camera. We discovered that she smiles for the camera much better if we simply ask her to smile. Go figure!

 I find myself at the end of the post again. Not a good thing if the last picture of the day is supposed to be a novelty pic. Heck, it isn't even interesting enough to keep Teagan awake...oh well. Cheers!


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