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So, I happen to think this is a funny picture.

But I really would rather talk about words today. Ha, thought you'd just get off easy with a few cute pictures didn't you? Well, you get that, but maybe a little more
It is amazing how simple things
bring so much jo

Words are really powerful. Even I, as a self-proclaimed wordsmith, do not appreciate the power of expressed language. As we travel our chosen path, both Autumn are discovering the power of the words that we use to talk to those around us as well as ourselves.

Scout is a trusty sleeping
A post or two ago was titled "yes" and I still use that as a regular answer to questions about our journey. I also use it in response to our journey directly. It seems to me that so much of how our lives appears depends highly upon how we frame it. Autumn and I were talking about a book that she had listened to on her drive out to Minneapolis. I am not sure about who the author is but the gist of our discussion centered around the power that we have to define our narrative and even possibly our lives through the words that we tell ourselves. The illustration given is like a ticker that you might see on a news channel, flashing different stock prices across the bottom of the screen. The point is that you can't read them all at once, only one at a time. Life is like that a little, in that things are happening to us all the time and we can really only choose to attach meaning and influence to one thing at a time. Now, that's a bit black and white and the metaphor fails pretty quickly, but bear with me one moment. If the words "yes" and "no" flash across the screen, or maybe "happy" and "sad", you can't choose both at the same time. But we do choose one or the other. And the one that we choose then influences so much about how we feel.
First family photo in a while!

Take a load off!
How we feel influences what we say, but what we say also influences how we feel. Let me rephrase that. What we say is able to define the primary attitude we have. I don't for an instant believe that we only feel one thing at a time. My guess is that we go through life consciously and unconsciously deciding which emotions to act on. My guess is that positive people choose more consciously than the rest of us. I say that because for me it is so easy to choose the negative, particularly about myself. So where is this all going? The takeaway for me is that I need to choose the positive, because it is always there. I may not always see it and frankly it seems like sometimes I don't want to see it. But it's there. It's important because I am part of a family that is highly influenced by my moods and attitudes. So I need to be choosing yes.
Christmas Pinata!

Where would we be with out
It doesn't mean that I ignore hard or painful feelings. Instead it means that I acknowledge the reality of those things without giving them control over my attitude. Easier said than done. Maybe this post is more about preaching to myself. Maybe it's admission that what we're doing as a family is really hard but there is not only good in the goals that we have set but in the journey to achieve them.

We said goodbye to a lot of really awesome, generous, funny, sweet, loving and caring people over the last week. It was difficult to do but it was so apparent that the pain stems from the fact that we have some really great relationships with some really special people. So yes this is really hard and sad and uncomfortable. But it's also really great to share this journey with people that care about and love us, that we love and care about. Yes the end result is uncertain and could mean failure. But it's a path worth walking and we are going to meet some great people and have a grand adventure along the way!
Batter up!
Even when things are going bad,
there is always time to relax!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. You guys are going to do great, because you are great people! We will miss seeing you! Rosie and Steve


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