A Good Day

Guess what? The weather's getting better and better. But not fast enough! I know that the end of August will have me yearning for cooler temps, but until then the cold is what I complain about. I guess that's one thing I really like about Baker is that the seasons are about the perfect length. That said, yesterday's rain didn't have me excited for the weekend. But the sun was trying to peek through the clouds this morning, so we forged ahead, trying to get ourselves outside. Guess what? We did!

Rabbit trail: Autumn's wedding ring and her grandma's wedding ring (from decades previous). See any similarities?

We went up to the trails at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center this morning after a swim at the pool. We thought the kids would like a hike, and it allowed Autumn and I to get a short run in to boot. No, we didn't run with the kids, we took turns watching them.

Trinity is a little concerned about where her mommy is. I think she is down the hill in the background somewhere. The kids and I dropped her off at the bottom of the hill and met her at the top.

Trinity is doing her best mommy impression.

My girls (and a wagon or two).

The Interpretive Center has some great exhibits, great for kids of all ages!

While Autumn was inside taking care of a few last minute things for dinner, I took the kids in the bike trailer to return some cans and bottles. 5 cent refund here in Oregon. I strapped a few bags full of cans and plastic pop bottles on the trailer and rattled my way to Safeway. Yep, I was THAT guy today. And yes, the kids are in the trailer, you just have to look carefully.

We met Autumn at the store and goofed around a little before heading to the park for a little energy burn. I swear that the kids just need an outlet for all their energy every once in a while. Teagan was digging the big slide.

So was Trinity, but it looks like she mussed her hair...

All in all it was a great day. We were able to get a little something for everyone today and we even ended the day with an indoor picnic! What a great day!

Side story: last weekend My dad and Sue came over on Saturday and Sunday. After church we all went to Zephyr for treats!

So this is a funny picture. Why? Well, Autumn didn't get the GPS mapping program stopped right after her run, so it kept recording for a while. The funny part is that the part where she had the kids looks like a small child just scribbled on paper, while the part where she was alone is smooth sailing! Seems kind of accurate, don't you think?


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