Ok, so that's a bad blog post title. It's a bad anything title. But it's there and that is that. Easter did in fact just happen a couple of weeks ago. We the kids hunted eggs until their little legs wouldn't carry them any further...

Then they sat and ate until they could walk again. Then they hunted some more!

Victory is mine! (Although, truth be known, Teagan really wasn't as into it as I thought he would be. Still fun though)

One thing I like about our kids is that both share really well. Most of the time.

Yeah, could have zoomed in more. The shot is still a good one though!

Ava, strutting her stuff! Wait, that might be the funky chicken!

Teagan could be seen showing off for all the young ladies...

Another thing that I like about our kids: They're a little goofy.

Coloring eggs. Interestingly enough, neither child picked up the real eggs on Easter morning. They knew which ones had the good stuff!

Egg-strordinary egg coloring helper. Thanks Kate!

Hunting before church.


Cute picture. Yep, a little proud. Yep, a little biased (and proud of that too!)

Like I said...goofy

I say it, but not enough: I am blessed to be married to Autumn and we are blessed to have two awesome little kids. Happy Easter and bring on the summer! Wait, this is Eastern Oregon. We could be waiting until July for summer. Well, Happy Easter anyway!


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