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Here's a few more pictures of the Swarrell Life. We keep moving along here, with our little boy getting a big boy bed. Autumn has been out of town for a few days, but we moved ahead with the transition from crib to bed.

Teagan helped me take his crib down, he was so excited to use the screwdriver and help me!

I tell you the little guy loves to fix things. The screwdriver is his weapon of choice when it comes to working on things.
He was also likes to fix his bed. For the first couple of nights he insisted upon spreading all the blankets from his crib on his new bed. Funny little boy.
And so, with all the blankets properly laid on the bed, Trinity took great care in tucking Teagan in. She is as sweet a little girl and as good a big sister as a hone could ask for.
So, we're switching channels a little during this post. Don't worry, we'll switch at least once more before it's all over. And yeah, that is a giant Pinocchio. There is a brine foundry here in Baker City. Who would have thought? Their latest creation is a 30 foot tall, 4 ton statue of the marionette himself. So we travelled out to see him before he was cut up nada shipped to his final resting place in South Korea.
Boy it was cold out. We stopped for hot chocolate on the way out. This was supposed to be a cool shot. Not so much, but you get the idea: kids in front of a huge statue. So there you go!
See, I told you that we would be switching channels again! So, I have received a lot of credit for a bed that I built for Trinity. But we didn't just get Trinity a new bed, we actually switched the kids' rooms and reprinted both of them. So, while I was busy doing all the glory hound work on the bed, Autumn was doing the grunt work back inside the house. Because it wasn't just painting or moving stuff, it was going through drawers and boxes and shelves to make sure that we weren't going to be putting things into the new rooms that we would just be taking out again. Go Autumn!
Of course Teagan helped too. Anyone need a vacuum helper?
Right, more vacuuming.
Oh yeah, we let him do this too. Put this in your parenting magazine! Two steps up is the limit!
Whoa, changing channels again! We went and flew kites at the soccer fields, where high winds told us that we should have assembled the kites before we got there. Typical dad move.
Teagan wasn't too interested in kites though. Instead he just wanted to play ball. Funny little boy.
Ava, Trinity and Jackson were interested though; they each had a turn flying one or more of the three kites. We even managed to escape with only minimal kite string burns!
Lilly had a great time too, although I don't have a picture of her flying a kite. She did though...honest!
Yeah, like you were going to get out of here without a picture of Trinity flying a kite. Nice try! Meanwhile, the Swarrell Life keeps ticking, ticking, into the future. We are excited as the weather teases us a bit with a bit of warmth and sunshine (even though it snows in June), and we can get the kids and ourselves outside so that we shed the cabin fever that starts to drive us all a little crazy. Heck, I rode myself and the kids to church in 38 degree weather because it was sunny and we NEEDED to get out. That's how desperate it has been. Okay, it hasn't been so bad, but the bike ride part is true. So here's to better weather and more common blog posts!



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