Seven: A Study in Contrast

Well, I think my last post was about Trinity's birthday and here we are again! I told Autumn that it had been a year, but looking at the date of the last post proves me wrong yet again! So here we are a year (sort of) later and a year wiser (maybe). Certainly I am a year older (I got one right!). But that also means that, you guessed it: my kids are also certainly a year older! Being that it is November, I suppose this post had better be about Trinity. So it is.

My little girl is seven years old?!?!?! I will say that each year the reality of how fast time flies by hits a little harder. I distinctly remember thinking about time when Trin was born, about how long 18 years seemed. Well, I blinked and seven of those blips have disappeared into folders of digital pictures that remind me that a) I didn't take enough pictures and b) I took too many pictures. You could add in c) I need to organize them and delete all the bad ones, but I'll leave that one out for the sake of brevity. Wait. Where was I? Oh, seven.

With seven has come first grade, birthday parties where there are no boys allowed and an independence that has come in the frustrating form of not liking any of the socks in her drawer. All good fun really, and all a new experience for this old man. Of course it's new for her too, something I often fail to remember. Actually I just realized that as I was typing it. Maybe I would be wiser if I typed more? Wait. Where was I? Oh, seven.

I'll admit that no boys allowed is a policy that I am just fine with. She can keep that one as long as she wants, if it means that she stays my little girl. Nope. But until she isn't, she IS my beautiful, funny, sweet, stubborn, loving little social butterfly. Fly, little girl, spread your beautiful wings and FLY!

This last weekend was a flurry parties, getting ready for parties and cleaning up after parties. There was a theme for sure. But I thought a good way to sum up the weekend was these two pictures:




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