What a sweetie!

I have been sitting here for about 30 minutes trying to figure out a good title for this post. It's 11pm and I am getting nowhere. Instead, I'll write and hope that a title appears all by itself!

Baker City has a Fall Festival every year with events of all sorts. Our favorite is the Taste of Baker, where you buy tokens and use the tokens to sample food from local vendors. We like to eat, so this one works out well. We packed Trinity up and met with Autumn's parents downtown, where we strolled up and down the street, sampling yummy food. We met quite a few folks who were wondering how Trinity is doing. Here she is sampling a teething ring. This one didn't cost any tokens. I love free samples!

Yummy teething ring, and a cute black sock to boot!

Lee and Lorna were loving the ribs!

Muh girls, so stinking cute!

Before we get to the random cuteness, let me first tell you how good Trinity did. She was out with us for over two hours, with nary a fuss! That's pretty close to the old Trinity if you ask me! Autumn thought she might have been seeing a little bit, which would explain her good mood. I'll take it!

She doesn't know yet that you don't mess with mom's pillow


  1. I think I'd like to snuggle up on a HUGE bed with a big pillow like that! She looks so comfy!! By the way, the ribs at Barley's are one of my FAVS!! Bummed I missed out on Taste of Baker!!



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