Looking Back and Looking Forward

Hopefully this will be a short post tonight. It has been a long first day home, mostly for Autumn, but for Trinity and I as well. I think the weight of the last two weeks is finally getting to my awesome wife. I don't know how she has done all the things that she has in in the last two weeks. She really had a heck of a day today since Trinity wasn't feeling too well. She really needs held A LOT these days, so that makes it hard to do things like eat and shower. Trinity had a follow up appointment at the doctor and the first of many physical therapy sessions today. It's great to be able to get her all the resources to help her recover quickly.

Trinity is continuing the recover very well, she sort of fed herself a Cheerio and sat up on her own for about 10 minutes, just playing with her binky. What a champ! I enjoyed my time with her this evening, mainly because we were able to nap together in her room. I love a good cuddle and nap!

we have the following pictures that I will comment on briefly, because it's worth mentioning. The first one is a polaroid taken at Trinity's first eye exam. She had another, much different eye exam yesterday. I am tempted to compare the two, but instead I'll rejoice the my daughter can see. The second photo is her passport photo that we had done so that we could take her on an Alaskan cruise. That cruise will set sail Sunday, without us. Once again, I am tempted to be sad, but I rejoice because my daughter can always go on a cruise next year. I am so happy to have my daughter.

P.S. This will be our last email update. We will continue to update the blog often, as it is good for us and those around us, but the email portion will not go out anymore. Thank you so much for your support and I hope to see your comments on our blog updates! Go to: swarrell-life.blogspot.com for updates. God bless every single one of you!


  1. You three have been on our minds constantly and we can't even tell you how excited we are to see and hear about Trinity doing so well. Praise God! Give each other big sqeezes from us, especially Trinity.

    The Labunski's

  2. Good to hear that Trinity is recovering. Sounds like a long road still. You guys are doing great with everything. Alyssa and I were really encouraged by your spirit's when we saw you @ St. Luke's. Talk to you soon.


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