Trinity's on the move!

So the last couple of days have zipped by faster than I thought possible. It's been a good, if unrestful, weekend that has seen our little baby recovering quite well, all things considered. The unrest has come in the form of a sleeping pattern that is not quite what it used to be. Autumn and I have known that we are pretty spoiled by Trinity in the sleep department. Really, we know how lucky we are to have a baby that sleeps (slept?) 11 hours a night consistently. Even though we did figure out that she sleeps okay on her side or tummy, her wake times leave something to be desired. So we join the ranks of the sleep-deprived, but we still are so happy!

Why are we happy? Mainly because our baby girl is really making a recovery! When she left St. Luke's she was taking Loritab, which is a combination of tylenol and hydrocodone. She hasn't had that in three days and today we didn't even give her tylenol by itself. She's still on the Keppra, which is a seizure medication that won't make her sleepy. She'll likely be on that for a few months at least, but that's not so bad when you consider her situation. She can sit for an hour or more at a time and just play with toys or her binky. She couldn't even hold herself up if you sat her up a week ago. She can now push herself up into the sitting position and even catch herself if she starts to fall over. She plays games with us too, games that we used to play. I can't tell you how therapeutic that is for Autumn and me.

On the down side, Trinity is still not seeing really well. It is still hard to tell if she is acutally seeing things or not. If you pray, this is a specific area which you can pray for. I guess some the swelling her brain happened in the "visual cortex", which explains the vision issues. The opthamolgist says she's not blind, but she's not seeing as a 9-month old should. She's still not tracking things, but there are signs of hope. She is picking up and feeding herself Cheerios, but that could be because she sweeps her hand over her high chair tray and picks them up as she goes. Smart girl!

Before we get to the pictures, I need to say a little bit about our community. It is an amazing group of people. One way people have helped is to provide dinner for us. It sounds like no big deal, but to us it helps SO much. It is a great relief to not have to worry about cooking at the end of the day. If you have done this, thank you! It has been so nice.

Here are a few pics from the last few days:

Okay, so she's had a diaper rash. The leggings let us take the diaper off so she can role around a la carte to air things out. This is probably one of thos photos that will cause conflict between me and my daughter in the future. Peace sister, we did it for your own good!
Not that I am biased (this is where you cry foul), but she looks like a drummer to me...
Sometimes you just have to air things out
The fact that we can play is so beautiful. I can't quite tell you how good this feels.


  1. I think the legwarmers are ADORABLE!! Trinity may have issues with the "airing out" photo but how can you resist taking that one!! LOVE bare bottom photos!! I've been telling everyone to pray SPECIFICALLY for Trinity's eyes. God has been so gracious and has heard so many prayers. He will continue to heal Trinity.

    Aaron and Autumn - THANK YOU for the updates! We all love you VERY MUCH!!



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