Slow and Steady

That's how we have to take things these days, slow and steady. Just as each day brings vast amounts of recovery from Trinity, so does each day bring the ups and downs of a baby dealing with things that you and I can't really comprehend. So we wake up each day, sometimes a little earlier than we would like, and see what the new day brings. Well, this morning broke the mold.

Autumn went in because it sounded like Trinity was waking up. She crept in to find Trinity already sitting up playing with the big tiger that hangs over the back of her crib. Without saying anything, Autumn waved to Trinity. Guess what? Trinity smiled in response! That's HUGE! All day she has been grabbing at things and going toward things in a way that suggests she is beginning to see! AWESOME! I know these pictures don't really show you what I am talking about, but I had to put something in.

It's really amazing how far she has come the last week or so. She was grabbing for her binky, she ate my nose, it was pretty sweet! Not my nose, just the experience. That would be wierd if my nose was sweet. It's not.

It's sort of hard to tell, but Trinity is making motorboat noises in this picture. It's the cutest dang noise. I just can't get enough of it!

This is my favorite picture of the bunch. While she is trying to pull herself towards the foot of the bed, she looks like she is afraid for her life. Pretty funny. Well, I thought so.

Again I end on a more serious note. I have been prepared for the fact that Trinity might be unable to see for the rest of her life. I'm not saying that's what I believed was going to happen, but I had thought about it quite a bit. After all that she has been through in the last three weeks (has it only been three weeks?) I would be grateful if she only lost her sight. I know that sounds bad, to "only" lose your eyesight. But consider that she could have been braindead, or just plain dead. Then eyesight seems like a small thing. God is good and he continues to deliver us miracles. I can't wait to see what's next!


  1. LOL oh man that bottom picture is awesome!!!


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