It's been quite a week. Autumn brings up a good point in that, although we are VERY grateful simply to have our daughter with us, there are things we miss about her behavior. One of those things is sleep. On top of having one heck of a couple of weeks, our little girl is not sleeping very soundly. Well, last night she may have turned over a new leaf, but until then it's been pretty noisy. All that to say it's good to get to the weekend where we can all sleep in a little if we want to.

My mom came down and stayed for a few days to help out and get a little grandma time in while she was at it. It was good for us all because we got a little relief and mom had a great time with her granddaughter. Now for the photos...

Trinity has been standing up (with assistance) and is very proud of herself. One of the funnier moments is when she plopped herself down on the drum, just to take a break. I suppose you had to be there, but it's funny to see her sit on something by herself!

I suppose I should say something about this photo, although it does most of the talking by itself. Cute kid.

I probably should not be broadcasting this photo, since it looks like Trinity is sitting on the kitchen counter. Oh wait, she is. But Autumn and I were both very close, in case you were wondering.

Like I mentioned, my mom was here most of this week to help out and get a Trinity fix. Boy Trin sure had fun with grandma in the tub!

Warning! More mushiness ahead! Avert your ears...eyes...RUN! Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you about my girls. First of all, they have both been through one heck of an ordeal. Second, they have both been the reason I have been able to make it through at all. I love that we are a family and when I seem them together, it gives me goosebumps. My girls rock my world!


  1. I am amazed and inspired by the strength that you and Autumn each have - both individually and as a couple. I pray every night for you guys and Trinity and ask God to look out for you and provide more strength as you feel yours waning (because I know you feel that way at times). Trinity is such a beautiful little girl - she has much to do in this world. And she is so lucky to have you two as parents. :)


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