Well, color me silly!

So this post is a little late...I have been a little unmotivated since Autumn came home. It's been nice to just spend a few minutes with her in the evening instead of updating the blog. So it goes. These pictures are from last week, Trinity received a package on the porch from my mom. It's a Valentine's outfit...but as usual her favorite part was the tissue paper. We can't let her have that without her eating it yet, so it's not quite as fun for her as it could be, but she does love opening presents. But then again, who doesn't?

She just has an infectious smile. I look at pictures of her and it makes me think about being with her when she is playing or exploring. She makes these squealing noises when she crawls because she is so excited to do it. I think it makes me a little younger to be her dad.

Autumn was helping Trinity draw. She did...a little. Mostly she wanted to eat crayons. At least they're non-toxic...right?

She actually did do a little drawing. We need to do it more because she learns so much faster these days. She is putting things in the bucket instead of just taking them out. She is stacking those plastic rings on that post instead of just eating them. Me? I still eat the plastic doughnuts...


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