7th Inning Stretch...

So today marks day seven for the Honduras team, as well as their last clinic. Yesterday they saw 450 patients, which is ridiculous and they must be exhausted, so who knows what happened today. They also drove back to San Pedro Sula, where they will fly home from tomorrow. Actually they won't get home until Saturday, which means a long journey home. I am so excited to see Autumn and the rest of the team and hear how things went. I am also excited to see Trinity and Autumn back together. It has been a great week for me with Trinity, I love all the daddy-daughter time. I'll miss that when Autumn returns, but not as much as I have missed Autumn!

Okay, so I probably should have washed her face before the picture. It's a very "dad" thing to do. Either way we have one very cute, happy, well fed Trinity-bug.


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